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About Us

Twas the cold, bleak Summer of 2018 and two of Germany’s most courageous men found themselves trudging through the bogs of North West Donegal. Their mission was to find out if the rumours of bad weather, good tea and mass lovin’ elderly women were true.

They had particular interest however in a whisper that had made its way over the sea….

There was word of demented music coming from the tortured souls of two local gurriers from the wilds of the forgotten County. Their music was said to raise the pain and anguish from the soil of every land they touched. 

Their calling…. to draw the shame and secrets of the past out from the shadows of every lost soul. Legend has it that The Morrigan herself appeared to them in a dream and inflicted upon them the ability and desire to waken the dead.

The Germans found that everything was as the rumours had suggested………bar the tea.

They also found Blackbird & Crow.